FAST Congress  

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual
Engineering Functional 3D Organ Models
New Dimensions in Drug Discovery and Development
November 17-18, 2014
Part of the Second Annual FAST: Functional Analysis & Screening Technologies Congress 

Functional 3D organ models have quickly captured the attention of the pharmaceutical industry. All agree these 3D models offer high content, high impact and high value. However, for wider implementation in R&D drug testing and screening labs, compatible higher-throughput 3D organ model platforms must be engineered to carry out research on the scale appropriate for drug discovery. Creating these more biologically relevant organ models requires a multidisciplinary approach and multidisciplinary expertise. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Third Annual Engineering Functional 3D Organ Models: New Dimensions in Drug Discovery and Development meeting weaves together engineers, biologists, screening managers and pharmacologists. As with any model, each specialty provides insights into the complete system advancing drug discovery and development.

Cell Source Considerations 

  • Cell Lines vs. Primary Cultures
  • Stem Cells
  • iPSCs

Engineering 3D Models 

  • Scaffolds
  • Media
  • Beads/Microspheres
  • Gels/Hydrogels
  • 3D Culture Systems
  • Microfluidics
  • Microfabrication
  • Lab-on-a-Chip


  • Organ-on-a-Chip
  • Screening Systems
  • Robotics
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Bioanalytical and Informatics Tools

Engineers working with the technical developments driving this field, biological researchers developing models or pharmacologists utilizing screens are encouraged to submit a title and summary of their research for consideration of presentation.

Deadline for priority consideration is April 18, 2014. 

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference is given to abstracts from those within pharmaceutical and biomedical companies, regulators, and those from academic research centers. Additionally, as per CHI policy, a select number of vendors/consultants who provide products and services will be offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships. 

To submit a proposal for consideration, please click here.

For questions or suggestions about the meeting, please contact: 
Mary Ann Brown 
Executive Director, Conferences
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: (+1) 781-972-5497

For sponsorship and exhibit sales information, please contact: 
Ilana Quigley
Manager, Business Development
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: (+1) 781-972-5457

For media and association partnerships, please contact:
Jaime Hodges
Marketing Manager
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
Phone: (+1) 781-972-5429

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